why are surf ponchos so dope?

Firstly – not giving a f*ck. I mean you could completely not give a f*ck – but I’d advise against going full monty in front of the surf spot next to your old kindergarten. It’s more like luxury hotel bathrobe not giving a f*ck.

Second – it buys you precious seconds from the wind. What really sucks about changing while being wet is the wind hitting that layer of water on your body and nearly turning it to ice. The surf poncho cuts that out a bit and makes you hate life less for that 10 minutes you try to put on or take off your straight jacket in winter.

Third – style. I mean Obi-Wan, a prince from Dubai, etc. – you pretty much look like a straight baller.

Bonus points: It doubles as a towel, handkerchief, hand-warmer, lunch-bib, long jacket, and much more.


Welp – I hope I’ve convinced you the surf poncho is worth a serious look. It’s not expensive and super functional.